That Limeish Apple Green of My Eye

by Donna on July 21, 2010

Sunny, Lime-Greenish Colors, Soft or Muted, or Pale Apple Green or Tinted Olive Green Colors

These are colors I love to use, or to see used in rooms. They range from softened green-apple greens, to pale celery greens, to muted or pale, hint-of-lime and chartreuse greens. Or light celadon and pale olive greens. It’s hard to put a name on them, although paint companies do come up with some of their own; some a bit mysterious, or at least a bit curious. (But, hey, what’s a paint manufacturer to do for names. Whatever the name applied, it’s easier to talk about a paint color using a name, as opposed to a number; we can remember names more easily. But, never pick a paint color based on the name.)

Whatever we want to call these colors, they can be great for interiors that want to move away from off-white as the backdrop wall color. These are colorful neutrals. You’ll see how they work well in contemporary, eclectic, and traditional settings.

This first group of colors are great for adding a bit of sunshine to rooms that get little natural sunlight but that still want a subdued neutral wall color.

Take a look:
(As a caveat, we can’t know for sure what the wall colors are in photographic images. The photographic process will not pick up the exact color and tends to use lighting that washes out color. In addition, the digital process will affect the color as well. So, I’m viewing the colors in these rooms as they appear to us as a result.)

Dining room by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard with limeish-green walls

Sunny dining room designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Kitchen bar area by Amy Lau in muted yellow-lime color

Kitchen area designed by Amy Lau.

Country-style bedroom with limeish green wall paint

Country-style bedroom. Image source: Country Home Magazine online.

Living room in limeish-green by Barry Dixon

Living room designer: Barry Dixon.

These first four images appear to use the colors that tend to the yellow side of muted lime-type greens. Some paint colors that fall into this range are:

  • Benjamin Moore 2146-50, Rainforest Dew
  • Dunn Edwards DE5484, Limesickle
  • Ralph Lauren VM101, Climbing Lily
  • Pratt & Lambert 16-30 Catawba Grape
  • Pratt & Lambert 16-31 Fern Whisper (more subdued)

You can go a tad darker in value, and a tad greener, with:

  • Sherwin Williams SW6414, Rice Paddy
  • Dunn Edwards DE5519, Perfect Pear
  • Benjamin Moore 2147-50, Pale Sea Mist

This room looks like it could be painted in one of those colors:
Living-dining area by Laurel Feldman in pale lime green

Designer: Laurel Feldman. Image source: Luxe Magazine online.

Or, go a bit brighter with a stronger yellow cast with Dunn Edwards DE5471, Shaded Sun. I’ve seen this color used in a dimly-lit room and experienced a situation where a person who often visited the space didn’t realize the walls were not just off-white. The wall color seemed so natural in the room, a room by-the-way for the elderly, that it was not even noticed by others as well. A similar color is Benjamin Moore 389, Sweet Pear.

Greener Still

Another range of colors leans more to the brighter and greener side. Some are still moderately neutralized, probably by gray. Some are clearer in hue, being the brighter colors of the lot. Some have their hue muted with white (tints of the colors).

In the range of brighter, clearer colors that could be called “celery”, interior designer Celerie Kemble has this to say at “Celery is very much a neutral. Green is omnipresent in the natural world, and our eyes are comfortable accepting a lot of it.”

Look at these rooms:

Bedroom in celery green by Celerie Kemble

Celery bedroom designed by Celerie Kemble.

Bright celadon green living room by Albert Hadley

Designer of this living room: Albert Hadley

Dining room in celadon by Thad Hayes

Dining room designed by Thad Hayes

Seating area with celadon green wall by Jay Jeffers

Seating area designer:Jay Jeffers.

Loft area in soft limeish-green by Laura Bohn

Loft area designer: Laura Bohn.

Airy living room in pale limeish-green by Dransfield and Ross

The walls in this airy room, by John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross, appear to have a very faint tint of wispy apple green. If that’s the case, I can imagine how a light touch of that color on the walls would feel in the room, can’t you? As shown in Elle Decor. Photographer: Simon Upton.

Dining area in limesish-green by John Saladino

Dining room designed by John Saladino

Limeish-green bedroom by William Hodgins

Designer of this bedroom: William Hodgins as shown in House Beautiful. At Hodgins says this “In this house I used pale colors that are easy to live with, never jarring…” Photographer: Frederic Vasseur.

Entryway in celadon by John Saladino

Entryway in pale celadon by John Saladino.

Bedroom by Jonathan and Bethamy Hearter with pale lime accent wall

Shown in Luxe Magazine, this bedroom by Jonathan and Bethany Hearter has an accent wall in a pale limeish-green.

Wall painted a pale limeish-green. Designer: Laural Bohn

Designer: Laura Bohn.

Living room in lime-leaning green by Susan Schwab

Room design by Susan Schwab. Photographer: Ron Ruscio. Luxe online.

A variety of paint colors that fall into the range of colors in the group above:

  • Sherwin Williams SW6708, Springtime
  • Benjamin Moore 2029-60, Pale Vista
  • Sherwin Williams SW 6721, Enlightened Lime
  • Benjamin Moore 2028-60, Celadon Green
  • Dunn Edwards 5554, Apple Martini
  • Pratt & Lambert 16-7, Tree Whimsey
  • Dunn Edwards 5548, Fresh Grown
  • Sherwin Williams SW6715, Lime Granita
  • Benjamin Moore 401, Sour Apple
  • Pratt & Lambert 17-28, Laurel Mist
  • Dunn Edwards 5555, Kiwi Kiss

In the olive range, and moving away from paler or clearer backdrop colors:

  • Pratt & Lambert 16-28, Split Pea
  • Dunn Edwards DE5478, Breath of Spring
  • Benjamin Moore 2146-40, Pale Avocado

A room with an olive or avocado accent wall:
Eddy Doumas designed bedroom with olive accent wall

Guest room designed by Eddy Doumas of Worth Interiors as shown at Luxe online. Benjamin Moore 2146-30, Split Pea, might get you this accent wall color.

On the Brighter Side

If you want to go even brighter these colors could fit the bill:

  • Benjamin Moore 2025-50, Lemon Freeze
  • Dunn Edwards 5514, Leaf Bud
  • Sherwin Williams 6702, Lively Lemon
  • Pratt & Lambert 16-6, Sea Fairy
  • Benjamin Moore 2027-50, Hibiscus
  • Sherwin Williams 6916, Impetuous
  • Pratt & Lambert 16-8, Glimmer of Lime
  • Benjamin Moore 395, Apples and Pears

These colors are, again and obviously, moving away from subdued backdrop paint colors for walls. They might be just the right thing for that small room with very little natural light that needs serious cheering up. Or, for an accent wall.

Some brighter colors shown here:

A lime green media room by Frank Roop

Designer: Frank Roop.

Kitchen design with lime green by Jay Jeffers

A splash of lime in this kitchen designed by Jay Jeffers.

Getting Downright Bold

Pull out all the lime and olive stops:

Living room wall in bright lime, designer Nisi Berryman

Designer: Nisi Berryman. Photographer: Ken Hayden. Shown in Metropolitan Home magazine at Elle Decor.

These colors might get the look:

  • Pratt & Lambert 17-10, Wild Lime
  • Sherwin Williams SW6920, Center Stage
  • Benjamin Moore 2028-30, Tequila Lime

Living room with an edgy-toned olive wall; designer: Joseph Abbati

The edginess of this room is in part due to the almost acid olive green wall. Designer: Joseph Abbati. Image sourse: Elle Decor.

For a shot of hyper-olive or lime try:

  • Benjamin Moore 2027-30, Eccentric Lime
  • Sherwin Williams SW6917, Nervy Hue
  • Pratt & Lambert 16-15, Far from Shy

Lime Accents

Lime greens, olive greens, apple greens, and all the variations in this range, are great for accents.

Fabrics on upholstered furniture add accent color in these rooms:

Living room designed by Larry Laslo with pale lime daybed

Living room with pale lime upholstered daybed. Designer: Larry Laslo. Photographer: Grey Crawford. As shown in Metropolitan Home at Elle Decor.

Bedroom with limeish upholstered sofas, Landry Design Group

Chartreuse upholstery and bedding accents in a bedroom by Landry Design Group, Richard Landry, AIA. Luxe Magazine.

Photo of celery green daybed by photographer Oberto Gili

Photo of celadon green daybed by photographer Oberto Gili.

Designer Lynn Mizono uses a lime ottoman as accent in this room with pink walls.

Pinkish walls create a warm and charming feel to this expansive room by designer Lynn Mizono. Wouldn’t you agree that the IKEA ottoman slipcovered in chartreuse is just the right color accent?

Tell Me What You Think

What do you think of these colors and the rooms shown? Do you have a favorite?

I’d love to hear from you.

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The paint companies: Benjamin Moore. Sherwin Williams. Pratt & Lambert. Dunn Edwards, on the West Coast. In Eastern states: California Paints. (Dunn Edwards and California Paints both use the Perfect Palette® Color System with color numbers beginning in DE.)

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